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MTN Series Horizontal Roller Mill

MTN series horizontal roller mill are newly developed pulverizing equipment suitable for grinding different materials like raw material of cement, clinker, slag cement, steel slag, coal ash, etc. The horizontal roller mill is provided with reliable operation, compact structure and low power consumption integrated from ball mill, vertical mill and roller mill.The MTN series Horizontal Roller Mill manufactured by NHI were designed and manufactured in accordance to the laminated grinding principle, by which the materials to be processed will go through the equipment one time with multiple grindings. The equipment has the characteristic of high adaptability to process variety of different materials. When used for processing the same material, the power consumption of  is only about 50% of ball mill. The horizontal roller mill has lower attrition and less wear parts without grinding medium. The MTN series horizontal roller mills manufactured by NHI are newly developed energy-saving environmental protection pulverizing equipment with advantages of simple system flow, high service factor, flexible process, short-time material conversion between materials, less occupied area, less construction investment, less construction cycle.