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Circular Homogenizing Bridge Scraper Stacker/Reclaimer

Circular homogenizing bridge scraper stacker/reclaimer is a pre-blending machine offering stacking and reclaiming operations with continuous stacking and full-section reclaiming methods normally for handling bulk materials like limestone or coal for either indoor or outdoor stockyards where homogenization, storage and transfer of bulk materials is a primary requirement principally in building material industry, coal industry, metallurgy industry, power plants, port terminals and other industries. The machines are designed to stack and reclaim materials alternately or simultaneously. The stacker/reclaimer can build the stockpile with the layers as high as 400 or more and has a high blending ratio up to 10:1. It has been acknowledged as the machine with the best homogenization effect among all stacker/reclaimers. Depending on the application environment, this machine comes in two main types including horizontal type used indoors and inclined type used outdoors.

Depending on the diameters of the stockyards, the machine is designed with diameters including φ60 meters, φ80 meters, φ90 meters, φ95 meters, φ100 meters and φ110 meters.

Since the circular homogenizing bridge scraper stacker/reclaimer was developed in our company early in the 1980s, with several updated and upgraded processes, its overall technology has reached international advanced level. The machine has received widespread favorable comments both home and abroad in light of its advantages like rational structure, reliable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance and safety in application. So far, this product has been awarded with Science Progress Prize and Promotion Prize for a number of times in mechanical industry and building material industry in Shenyang, Liaoning Province and China, and has obtained tens of invention patents. The available features of the machine like unmanned operation from CCR remote control, integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic subsystems, outstanding blending and homogenizing effect, large storage capacity, small area required, advanced automation and excellent environmentally-friendly performance have enabled our stacker/reclaimer to become the current state-of-the-art equipment for large-scale blending applications in China. Its technical characteristics, stockyard parameters and automation degree have reached the advanced level.

Our main customers for this kind of machine include Hailuo Group, Jidong Group, China Resources Group, Holcim Group and Dujiangyan Lafarge Cements Limited.