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With Mixed Reform to Create New Economic Growth of Enterprises


On April 30, 2019, Fangda Group became the largest shareholder of North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd, which followed a series of adjustments. After nearly two years of deepening reform, NHI has achieved good results in the field of traditional product. At the same time, in order to achieve further accelerated  development, adapt to the current and changeable international situation and market changes, follow the national development strategy,  actively integrate into the new pattern of development in which both domestic and international cycles are mutually reinforcing, NHI  has invested a lot of money and energy to improve the quality of auto steering system parts and production efficiency through multiple means to create a new economic growth point for the company.

Take The Customer As the Center To Root the Forefront of The Market

At the beginning, NHI is unfamiliar with auto parts manufacturing, in order to be able to quickly into the market in a short time, the company implemented the collaborative development model of the market, one-to-one responsibility system for project teams in key markets, and performed "close" to the customer service, took customer satisfaction as the focus of the pre-sale work. "Start with details and focus on small things. Even if it is a piece of ice, we should use our passion to melt it." The company made great efforts to train designers and marketing personnel to independently develop the ability to communicate with customers and sell products, focusing on building a technology-based marketing team. Learned more about their needs through technical communication with customers, so as to grasp the product development trend, and enhanced product design capability to a new level to win more customers in the subsequent new product design.

Although NHI has just entered the field of auto parts, it is always aware of the crisis in the market. According to the company's marketing director, carry out normal industry on the standard to learn from each other on the automotive products, find the gap, improve quality, improve efficiency, reduce costs by the use of market research. Through a series of means, the company's supporting products have already covered commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, and will continue to expand the domestic supporting share of small, medium and heavy trucks and pickup trucks and other commercial vehicles. Plan to enter the domestic steering column commercial vehicle supporting industry top three in 2021. At the same time, focus on the development of electric tilt passenger car steering column products and understand the industry trends, with a strategic vision to target high-end passenger car market, the formation of commercial vehicle and passenger car market supporting the multi-point support.

Quality Gives Priority With Low Cost to Build Core Competitiveness

In the fierce market competition, how to create high quality and low price products? This is the "ultimate answer" that any business seeks. How does NHI choose between product quality and cost control? With this question, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of automotive steering string product manufacturing and sales of the factory director Gao Jian, "Our products have always been adhering to the principle of quality first, quality control in the manufacturing of products in the first place. We will continue to put quality first at the heart of our work in 2021.Strengthen supplier quality management, continue to conduct grading assessment on suppliers, and conduct monthly performance evaluation on suppliers from three aspects: R&D cooperation, product quality performance and timely delivery rate ".

The cost control of NHI starts with the basic work of cutting tools, tooling, auxiliary materials and warehouse management, and looks for cost reduction points in dribs. By analyzing the movements of the assembly line workers, optimizing the tooling and assembly process, so that each process effectively connected. At the same time, considering the impact of raw material rise and other factors, NHI will carry out value engineering analysis with suppliers to jointly study the product cost reduction plan with suppliers, and share the results of cost reduction with suppliers in proportion. In this way, the competitiveness of steering column products of NHI will be further enhanced.

With the Help of "Mixed Reform" to Achieve A Win-win Situation Between Enterprises and Employees

Reporters learned that since the implementation of the "mixed reform", NHI has successively introduced a number of machining centers, precision cylindrical grinder, feeding manipulator, automatic welding equipment and other automatic machine tools, the labor intensity of employees has been greatly reduced. Li Haibo, the head of the locomotive crew, said, "Under the new mechanism, we are very excited to see the rapid changes of the enterprise, which also inspires our enthusiasm for work. Our initiative to do things is also improved, and our consciousness of learning is also strengthened. Through business learning, we can also make some contributions to the enterprise. Not long ago I was holding the attitude of trying to buy a small fixture on the internet shopping network, the result verified success and improved a lot of processing efficiency, I still got the reward of 2000 yuan, this is impossible before, now the enterprise is good and pocket is richer, there is no reason not to do well. There's no excuse not to do a good job. The grinder Gao Tengda said, "Now the company has the automatic manipulator, now I can operate four grinding machines by one person. Two years ago, I could not imagine that the original manual cylindrical grinding machine can produce 600-700 steering shafts a day, and the equipment is always out of order. Now it is producing 1500-1700 steering shafts a day. Production process also increased, as long as the length of the grinding machine can automatically within 500 mm processing production, if there were no new equipment and new production, we still can't finish the task,. At now by reducing Labour intensity, improving production efficiency, also reducing the cost, NHI is more popularity, employee income is high also, I can pay the mortgage more easily now than before, I really hope that the business is getting better and better."

Entering the new year, as the national strategy of accelerating the revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast China becomes more and more clear, as the backbone enterprise of heavy industry in the country, NHI is ready to accelerate the layout of environmental infrastructure, intelligent manufacturing, smart mining, new energy vehicles and other fields, and plan to start high-quality development in the "14th Five-Year Plan".