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With its excellent technical solutions, Fangda Group NHI has defeated many large domestic and foreign companies and won the signing of major overseas projects for Formosa Plastics Philippines MPGC. The implementation of the MPGC project of Forma Plastics Philippines has filled a number of blank in the domestic bulk material loading and unloading equipment industry, accelerated the process of realizing the localization of high-end equipment, and also demonstrated the leading technical position of Fangda Group NHI in the bulk material loading and unloading equipment industry. At present, the R&D and design personnel of NHI are engaged in the intense technical preparation work, and are going all out to tackle key problems in project design.

The mixed-use reform has energized the growth of technological innovation

On April 30, 2019, NHI rode the east wind of mixed reform and successfully completed the judicial restructuring. Liaoning Fangda Group became the largest shareholder of NHI in accordance with the law, and NHI changed from a state-owned holding company to a mixed-ownership company jointly held by Fangda Group and common financial creditors.

Liaoning Fangda Group is a large enterprise group of cross-industry, cross-region, diversified, with strong international competitiveness, more than 60,000 employees, annual sales revenue of more than RMB 100 billion, which has successfully participated in the Northeast General Pharmaceutical Factory, ZTE business enterprise mixed reform in the Shenyang City.

Technological innovation is the lifeblood of enterprise survival and sustainable development. After the mixed reform, with the support of Liaoning Fangda Group, the company continued to increase investment in product research and development, invested more than RMB ten million to purchase and replace graphics workstations, servers and more than a hundred computers, purchased and upgraded ANSYS, Solidworks and other software, product design and research conditions have been greatly improved. While accelerating the technological upgrading and transformation of traditional products and rapidly bringing upgraded products to the market, the design and development of new products is regarded as an important support for creating new economic growth points, providing a platform for technical personnel to display their talents in technological innovation and research and development.

Together Overcome the Difficulties, Working to Create Benefits

The sudden COVID-19 epidemic has made it difficult for enterprises to develop. In order to seize the schedule and ensure the delivery date, Fangda Group NHI focuses on epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, arranges and reasonably organizes in an orderly manner to ensure the production of each project product as planned.

The technical research and development team grasps the market pulse, takes the user as the center, accelerates the product technology upgrade and the new product research and development. The technical transformation and upgrading of two earth pressure balance shield machines with a diameter of 6.48 meters in the south extension project of Shenyang Metro Line 2 further established the leading position of Fangda Group NHI in the shield machine market. A number of newly developed products, such as new sintering ring cooler and sand aggregate production line, have become an important support for the company to build a new economic growth point and have huge social and economic benefits.

Significant results were achieved in cost reduction and efficiency increase. Fangda Group NHI keeps innovating the recruitment mode, signing agreements with strategic suppliers according to the market price, and controlling heat treatment energy effectively from the three aspects of management, technology and operation, reducing the cost, and achieving the cost reduction target by purchasing and improving the self-production rate through equipment transformation.

NHI has made concerted efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency. NHI has worked hard, and smart to overcome difficulties and minimize the impact of the epidemic.

Collect the Superior Strength to Carry Out the Design

Formosa Plasma Philippine MPGC projects include cantilever rotary stacker, bridge scraper reclaimer and portal scraper reclaimer. The track span of bridge scraper reclaimer and portal scraper reclaimer in this project is 65 meters, among which the bridge scraper reclaimer has not been used in China, and the portal scraper reclaimer is rarely used in China with a span of more than 60 meters. The two scraper reclaimers used in the Formatsu Philippines MPGC project are new products independently developed by Fangda Group NHI with independent intellectual property rights, and their performance indexes have reached or exceeded the international level of similar products.

In the implementation of this project design task, coincidences with Shandong Yongfeng Iron and Steel Lingang Project, Ningxia Taikang Pharmaceutical Project and other projects are also carried out at the same time. Faced with the shortage of personnel, tight schedule and high technical difficulty, the company held an emergency meeting to formulate relevant plans, to fully cooperate with the smooth progress of Formosa Plastics Philippines MPGC project, the designers were divided into project teams according to their technical advantages, each performs his own duties. At the same time, personnel was organized to collect relevant technical data at home and abroad, organize experts of design and research institute to review the equipment drawings and determine the optimal plan.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, members of the project team have actively given up their weekend rest time and devoted themselves to the design task since receiving the task, working overtime until midnight every day. At present, the project progress is proceeding in an orderly way according to the planned time node, and some parts have been produced in the workshop.