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Fangda Group NHI: Growing Economy, Steady Process


Since the mixed reform, Fangda Group NHI has participated in China Shenyang International Manufacturing Expo for many times, successively held and participated in China International Sand Aggregate Science and Technology Conference, as well as the Overseas Agents Conference of NHI. Through various exhibitions, the company has effectively enhanced the popularity and industry influence, and also brought a steady stream of new orders for the company, which not only promoted its own production and operation, but also realized the value of the company, but also served the social and economic construction more effectively.

Attend Top Category Exhibition, Take the “Reform” Momentum Start Again

As China's heavy machinery industry traditional leading brand, on April 30, 2019 NHI completed the judicial reforming and mixed ownership reform, Liaoning Fangda Groups become the first big shareholder according to laws, introduce the fully market-oriented business philosophy, system mechanism and the management pattern, effectively solve the heavy historical burden and the huge debt risk, strongly promote the "new NHI" to set out again to the market.

After the mixed reform, Fangda Group NHI actively participated in various exhibitions, which played a positive role in rapidly restoring the market reputation, winning the trust of customers and returning to the leading position in the industry. In particular, in the 7th China International Sand Aggregate Conference, Fangda Group NHI was awarded the "Outstanding Enterprise of the Sand Aggregate Industry in 2020" and the “Social Responsibility Award of the Sand and Stone Aggregate Industry for 2020 Epidemic Assistance”. The great success of the 7th China International Sand Aggregate Conference once promote the industry in the direction of the health, green, cooperation and win-win development, NHI also use this platform to the market once again demonstrates the latest development of sand and gravel aggregate equipment, further reveal the strength, improve the enterprise influence in the industry.

After the reform, NHI sales personnel take on fast response market demand for large, green aggregate equipment, drive the large equipment to market combined with the technology accumulation in the field, which has successfully signed the Hebei Xingtai Dashahe, Fujian Ningde Sanduao, Shijiazhuang Jiuzhou Mining, Gansu Huajian New Materials and other large projects, fill the blank of many large crushing equipment in our country. Through holding the conference of overseas agents, NHI have signed a number of domestic and overseas projects, such as Mahavir Pelletizing Plant Project in India, Kazakhstan Pelletizing Plant Project, Wuding Huaxiang Economic and Trade Company Pelletizing Plant relocation project, Inner Mongolia Huaxia Zhujiaping Electric Power Company Phase I Supercritical Unit Tube Conveyor project, etc.

Signed Shield Contract to Assist Shenyang Tunnel Construction

On January 13 2021, NHI and Shenyang Shield Tunneling Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Shenyang Shield) signed the procurement contract of 1 set earth pressure balance shield machine for Shenyang Municipal Group Project of Shenyang Metro Line 3 Project. Before that, Shenyang Municipal Group, Shenyang Shield and NHI jointly held the "Shenyang Municipal Shield Machine Technology Exchange Conference for Shenyang Metro Line 3 Project". At the meeting, Shenyang Municipal Group and Shenyang Shield Machinery highly affirmed the technical level of the NHI new earth pressure balance shield machine. Subsequently, the three parties held the second technical exchange meeting to further clarify the main parameter configuration and main component suppliers of shield tunneling machine.

NHI checked the international advanced level standard, paid attention to the selection of specialization, differentiation, mutual assistance, the market competitiveness of our products has been continuously improved.

Signing the Contract of Tower Mill Help the Economic Development of Anshan

At the beginning of the New Year, Fangda Group North Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Houying Group Anshan Huolong Mining Co., Ltd. signed the procurement contract for regrinding and redressing tower mill project. This project is the first large tower mill project starting from the New Year of 2021, which signifies that the design and manufacturing technology of NHI large tower mill has been further recognized by the mine market, and established the leading position in the performance of large tower mill in China.

In order to facilitate the signing of the project, the relevant leaders and sales personnel of NHI have been following and negotiating for nearly a year. The NHI project team has visited the responsible leaders of Houying Group for several times. At the same time, through the coordinated efforts of various sides, He Zhusheng, Chairman of Houying Group and other leaders were invited to visit Benxi Dongfang Sanjiazi Mining. Accompany by Zhang Bin, the NHI Vice President, the client visited the on-site operation of MLL1200 tower mill independently developed by NHI, which was highly praised by the leaders of Houying Group. In December 2020, after unremitting efforts, NHI defeated several strong competitors and won the bid for the project.

The marketing team of Fangda Group NHI has always adhered to the marketing concept of market-oriented and customer-oriented, closely linked customer demand and enterprise development, and provided better project solutions for our customers by "practicing internal strength".